Welcome to Forest Glen

Like our modest logo says, Forest Glen is “Chicago’s Finest Community.” A gem of a neighborhood on Chicago’s Northwest Side, Forest Glen boasts the convenience of the city with the peacefulness of the suburbs and the neighborliness of the country. Naturally secluded and well-defined, Forest Glen contains about 550 households, almost all single-family homes.

This site is sponsored by the Forest Glen Community Club, founded in the 1920s, and active in bringing Forest Glen neighbors together for social and civic causes. Indeed, the Community Club and the relationships it fosters are in large part why the neighbors in Forest Glen are so friendly and willing to help each other. To read the minutes from our last meeting, click here.

Forest Glen Residents

If you live in Forest Glen, please use this site as your primary way to stay in touch with upcoming activities—including the all-important snowplowing updates! Also, feel free to email your suggestions, concerns and bravos to your Community Club officials.

Forest Glen Visitors

If you don’t yet live in Forest Glen, this site will provide a flavor of life in the Glen so you can sense whether that’s right for you. If so, we’ll look forward to calling you “neighbor” very soon.

FGCC Officers


President – Michael J. Nelson

Vice Pres. – Chris Puccini

Treasurer – Randy Hara

Recording Secretary – Desiree Jones

Communication Secretary – Gayle Paprocki

Sergeant at Arms – Terri O’Brien

forestglengardenwalk4_whitebgThe Forest Glen Community prides itself on its gardens – from our Garden Club that beautifies our award-winning community gardens at the Metra station and Edens Parkway to the annual Forest Glen Green Thumb awards. To honor and showcase this tradition, Forest Glen is organizing its Second Annual Garden Walk on June 27, 2015 from 10AM-3PM. Enjoy the following:

  • The beautiful gardens tended to by our dedicated residents
  • Our “labor of love” community gardens
  • Gardening 101 sessions
  • Raffle prizes and so much more!


Advanced tickets are now on sale for $8. Don’t wait! Tickets bought on the day of the event will be sold for $10. Children age 10 and under are free.

To purchase tickets use the Pay Pal option and select Garden Walk 2015.

Garden Walk Guides will be available on the day of the event at the corner of Berwyn and LaPorte (5303 North LaPorte). Proceeds of the Forest Garden Walk will support the continued beautification of our community. The event will take place rain or shine. To showcase your garden, to volunteer on the day of the Event or if you have general questions, please contact:

Mary Kay Bourke, 773/936-7716, mkbourke@sbcglobal.net


Veenu Verma, 773/818-4963. Vverma1216@gmail.com

Green Thumb

JUNE 27-28

One of Forest Glen’s community traditions is our annual Green Thumb judging. Judges consist of neighborhood volunteers who assess the landscaping frontage of each residence on an assigned route. The award of a Green Thumb ribbon is a token of appreciation in recognition of the time, effort, and care devoted by the homeowner in the beautification of their personal property and their contribution to the beautification of our Forest Glen neighborhood. Judging will be held on Saturday and Sunday, June 27th and 28th. Categories and criteria are as follows:


This category concerns itself exclusively with grass. Attention is paid to how lush, green and healthy the lawn appears. Consideration is given to how recently the lawn was mowed, and to the precision with which it was edged. The presence of anything that should not be in a lawn, such as crabgrass, clover, or weeds, results in a reduction of the score awarded. In the complete absence of grass on frontage and parkway, the score given is the same as assigned for the Trees, Flowers, Plants category.

Trees, Flowers, Plants (shrubs, evergreens, ferns, hostas, ornamental grasses, etc.)

This category concerns itself with the selection and integration of trees, flowers and plants, including placement and arrangement. Attention is paid to condition, state of trim, and overall maintenance. Parkway trees are excluded from judging. City of Chicago ordinance specifically prohibits homeowners from pruning trees on the parkway.

Curb Appeal

This category concerns itself with general overall appearance and is essentially the impression that the homeowner’s property and landscaping impart to a passerby.

If you have any questions, or would like to be a judge, please contact Steve Reardon at   mostreardon@sbcglobal.net or 773-725-5227. Volunteers are ALWAYS welcome!

Pay your dues online!

Show your support for the many fun activities sponsored by the Forest Glen Community Club by paying your annual dues. We have made it even easier by allowing you to pay online through our new PayPal button. It will save you the stamp and having to search for your check book! Thank you for supporting the FGCC.



Show your Forest Glen Spirit and get one today

Buy one, or two (or more!) today. For only $5.00 you can show your Glen spirit and support our community. Designed by our very own David Belle. Contact us at president@forestglenchicago.org for your order today. Thank you for your support!


 Recycling Reminder

Below is a list of common recycling contaminates that should not be in the Blue Cart.

Plastic bags: Plastic bags are not recyclable through the Residential Blue Cart Recycling program. Even if the plastic bag has a recycling triangle on it, plastic bags cannot be tossed into the Blue Cart. Rather, plastic bags can be dropped off at participating retail or wholesale stores with an in-store recycling program, like grocery store chains or pharmacy chains.

Shredded paper: Paper is recyclable, but shredded paper should not be recycled through the Blue Cart program. Shredded paper cannot be properly sorted out of the recycling stream causing contamination.

Styrofoam—also, known as #6 Plastics: Styrofoam and other plastics with the #6 recycling triangle are not recyclable through the Blue Cart program. Common #6 plastics are the tops of your Starbucks cup, egg cartons and packaging foam.

Un-numbered Plastics: If a plastic item does not include a recycling triangle, then the item is not recyclable. Items like plastic storage containers, plastic hangers, plastic cutlery, CD cases and baby bottles are not recyclable.

Yard Waste: Yard waste is not accepted through the Blue Cart. Yard Waste should be bagged separately and placed next to your black garbage cart for collection.

Electronics and Household Chemicals: Electronics like televisions and cell phones and household chemicals are not accepted in the Blue Cart program. Electronics and household chemicals can be recycled at the City’s Household Chemicals and Computer Recycling Facility located at 1150 N. North Branch. For drop-off hours, visit the recycling center’s website.html.


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